Monday, March 5, 2007

India Poised

Some of you might be familiar with the "India Poised" ad campaign organized by the Times of India media group. It's an ambitious undertaking, and basically amounts to a nationwide call to action that consists of three points:
  • Think big. Think scale.
  • Don't ignore social inequality.
  • Build an engaged civil society.
The website is an interesting combination of the positive (e.g celebrating unsung heroes) and the cautionary (e.g. underperforming sectors). They even have a slick TV ad that's worth a watch.

This is the second large scale branding/nation-building campaign I've seen out of India in the recent past. The first was meant for an external audience, the India Everywhere campaign at Davos last year, while this is targeted domestically. It's an interesting use of marketing to drive economic growth & empowerment. I wonder if there are analogues in other developing countries, and if so, how effective these campaigns tend to be.